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At 360Degree Health Services, we take immense pride in the diverse range of services that we have on offer. Herein, we look at those services in great detail.

Health Checkup Administration

We strive really hard to ensure that health checkups are done in the easiest possible manner. Towards that end, we negotiate tirelessly with multiple network service providers, so that the best possible checkups are provided at the most reasonable rates.
Moreover, wherever possible, we strive hard to ensure that health checkups are cashless and hassle free.
Also, we have tied up with some of the best hospitals and other medical establishments on a Pan India basis, so that checkups are done as easily as possible.

Wellness Card

We have a unique Wellness Card which allows Corporate as well as Retail clients to undergo a wide variety of health checkups across multiple locations, in a hassle free manner, which offers wide ranging discounts.
Whether you are looking for Pharmacy discounts, OPD discounts, IPD discounts or even discounts at gyms and spas, this card will easily allow you to avail the same.
You will also receive complimentary online doctor consultations, once you sign up for this card. All you would need is your unique Login ID and Password.
Senior citizens can also avail of complimentary OPD at selected network service providers, on the basis of this card.
Cashless hospitalisation with maternity and pre-existing diesease cover

Online Consultations  

We specialize in the provision of online consultations on the basis of a Unique Login ID and Password. All that customers need to do is to login to our website, http://360degreehealth.in and input their queries.

Health Risk Assessment

At 360Degree Health Services, we strive hard to ensure that you know exactly where you stand in terms of your overall health and wellbeing. For instance, if you are made to undergo a thorough health assessment checkup, there will be indicative results which will showcase your current health situation in terms of Red, Yellow and Green.

Red will essentially imply an active and very clear health risk which is already present while Green will indicate a basically healthy situation all round. Yellow on the other hand is more like a central position where risks might be imminent but not yet present in any way. 

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