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How To Get An Appointment

Appointments are available from 1000hrs to 1800hrs Monday to Friday. This wide range of appointment times gives our Card Holder the opportunity to come to the doctor at a time suitable to the person’s schedule.

Here at 360Degree Health Services, we offer a wide range of appointments at times to suit you and your family.  We do our best to accommodate your requirements wherever we are able to.  If you need to see a medical professional urgently, you will always be able to, even if it is not your usual doctor or nurse.  We offer a mix of appointments, some of which can be booked on the same day and some which can be booked ahead, thereby offering a wide choice to assist in catering to all our patient’s needs.

Same day appointments can be booked by telephone or in person from 1000hrs to 1100hrs each day.  You can also book an appointment up to FOUR DAYS in advance, enabling you to organise your schedule as per your convenience. If you find it impossible to attend during normal hours—please ask one of our representatives for more information, or book online.

Appointments for both Consultation and Surgeries can be made by telephoning +91 11 64700242. Lines are open from 1000hrs to 1600hrs.  Or you can book your appointment online - please follow the link above.  PLEASE NOTE – At present, online booking is only available for DOCTOR and Nurse Practitioner appointments.  Online Nurse Appointments coming soon!

Please call us as early in the day as possible if you wish to be seen on the day; normally you will be offered an appointment the same day.  If you wish to see a particular doctor or nurse we will try to accommodate your request, but an alternative will be offered in case that is not possible.



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