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360Degree Health Services

Welcome to 360Degree Health Services, your one stop shop for corporate health and wellness that serves as your single point of contact for all that you and your employees – and indeed your entire organization would ever need to make sure that proper healthcare is provided to each and every one of your stakeholders.

At 360Degree Health Services, we take it as our priority to ensure that healthcare – be it in the form of health checkups or wellness cards, as well as Health Risk Assessments, are provided to every member of your esteemed organization, in the easiest possible manner.

Towards this end, we have put in an enormous amount of effort to ensure that we have a Pan India presence, in the form of tie-ups with multiple network service providers who together ensure that health care is never a challenge of any kind.
So for instance, if you are a company with say 10 to even 50,000 employees, spread over 8-10 or even more locations across India, we can easily ensure that health checkups are provided to each and every one of those individuals, without any qualms.
Specifically, these are the products that we have on offer:

Health Checkup Administration – Within these, you will have easy access to all the various kinds of health checkups for all your employees and stakeholders
Wellness Card – Wide ranging benefits, from best negotiated discounts on Pharmacy/OPD/Diagnostics; and also on gyms/spas and so on.
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Health Risk Assessment – We coordinate health checkups in such a manner that whether it is you, your family or all the employees in your company, every individual can clearly know as to where he or she lies with regard to overall health and wellbeing. For instance, we have segmented risk assessments into red, yellow and green, whereby red denotes a certain clear health risk while green denotes everything being generally in order, with yellow being somewhat in between.

Of course, we go beyond these products alone. In fact, at 360Degree Health Services, we are constantly striving to ensure that we provide you with an ever burgeoning range of products and services, whereby all your healthcare related needs are taken care of to the maxim, whether at a personal level or for your entire family, company, etc.

Why 360Degree Health Services?
The reason you should opt for 360Degree Health Services is because we offer certain distinct advantages such as:

We are led by some of finest and most competent people in the industry.
We have a Pan India presence of network service providers
Our website is one of the best in this industry, complemented by 24/7 x 365 day customer support
We offer some of the best discounts which you will ever find across the entire industry
Health Tool @ 360
360Degree Preventive Health Check-Up Cards
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    Ludhiana Office
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    1st Jan, 2017
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